Where was the movie, Andre filmed and is the same house still standing?

The film “Andre” is a heartwarming tale set in multiple locations, showcasing the captivating beauty of nature and the unbreakable bond between a young seal and a family. The movie was filmed in several diverse locations, including the Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park in British Columbia, Canada, and also ventured to Massachusetts, Mississippi, and even as far as Australia.

The film’s crew was drawn to Vancouver Aquarium, located in the stunning Stanley Park in British Columbia, Canada, for its aquatic expertise and breathtaking surroundings. This iconic institution played a significant role in bringing the heartwarming story to life. Stanley Park itself offered a lush and vibrant backdrop, contributing to the film’s immersive charm. The combination of these Canadian locations created an enchanting setting for the story of Andre, the charming and mischievous seal.

In the United States, Massachusetts and Mississippi also hosted parts of the filming. Massachusetts, with its rich maritime history and picturesque coastline, provided the perfect atmosphere for the film’s coastal scenes. In particular, the “Tuck Inn” Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, Massachusetts, offered a charming and timeless setting for pivotal moments in the movie. This delightful house was prominently featured in the film, showcasing its unique character and scenic charm. Remarkably, the “Tuck Inn” Bed and Breakfast still stands today, allowing visitors to step into the scenes of the heartwarming movie.

The film’s journey didn’t stop in the United States. It ventured all the way to Australia, adding an international dimension to the story. This diverse range of filming locations beautifully underscores the global appeal of “Andre.” It’s a testament to the power of filmmaking in transcending geographical boundaries and captivating audiences worldwide.

“Andre” remains a beloved film not only for its touching narrative but also for its choice of diverse and captivating filming locations. The Vancouver Aquarium and Stanley Park in Canada, along with the scenic landscapes of Massachusetts, Mississippi, and Australia, provided the ideal settings for this heartwarming story. The “Tuck Inn” Bed and Breakfast in Rockport, Massachusetts, still stands today as a testament to the movie’s enduring charm. This unique combination of locations adds depth to the film, underlining the magic of cinema in transporting us to different parts of the world while telling a touching story of friendship and family.




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