In the film Twelve O’clock High which scenes were filmed in England.

Credit: Bruce Craig of Norfolk, England

The movie Twelve O’clock High was set in the fictitious UK airbase of ‘Archbury’ and is a testament to the magic of filmmaking, with a blend of real and fictional elements. While the majority of the film was shot in the United States, a second unit was responsible for capturing the crucial establishing shots of the UK base. These scenes were filmed at RAF Barford St John, situated approximately four miles to the southeast of Banbury in the picturesque county of Oxfordshire.

The choice to shoot these establishing shots in the UK was a strategic decision by the filmmakers to add an authentic touch to the movie’s setting. Such detailed touches can significantly enhance the audience’s immersion in the story. Additionally, this unique combination of settings between the US and the UK reflects the global appeal of cinema, transcending geographical boundaries. It’s a testament to the art of filmmaking, where creativity and authenticity converge to create memorable cinematic experiences.



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