In “Ticket to Paradise, where is the college location?

In the film “Ticket to Paradise,” George Clooney embodies David Cotton, while Julia Roberts takes on the role of Georgia Cotton, and Kaitlyn Dever illuminates as Lily Cotton. Lily’s college journey unfolds at the fictional Pullman University, a law school within the movie.

As the narrative progresses, it transports viewers to various locations, including the stunning landscapes of Bali. Interestingly, filmmakers likely shot the initial scenes depicting Lily’s college life in Los Angeles, California.

Los Angeles serves as the backdrop for crucial moments: Lily actively engages in dorm room chats with her friend Wren, experiences a heartwarming college graduation, and participates in emotional airport scenes where her parents bid her farewell before her flight to Bali.

The movie actively captures Lily’s transformative journey from college life to an adventure in Bali. Join Lily as she actively navigates friendships, graduation, and farewells in this heartwarming romantic comedy.

Ticket to Paradise

Lily’s dorm room chats with her friend Wren.

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